What Women Are Saying!

Margo Majdi

President & CEO of the Torch Foundation
President & CEO of Mittraining.com
Author of the Art of Acknowledgment

Dianne Langford James is an extraordinary trainer who will have you see inside of yourself and discover who you really are. She will bring out a powerful constitution within you that will explore all the endless possibilities that you are capable of. Dianne is also one of the finest Torch Trainers for teenagers in Massachusetts.

Her vision is unstoppable. It will be a celebration of your life to encounter Dianne at her next "BravHERy" workshop

Christine L. Najem

Christine L. Najem
Cedar Wood Realty Group
Cedar Wood Family Foundation

Dianne’s enthusiasm and positive attitude has helped so many women overcome obstacles. I have witnessed for myself and personally experienced her love. I highly recommend BravHERy to any woman who is looking for a change but cannot seem to find their way out. I know for a fact that a few hours with Dianne is all it will take for eyes to open and hearts to melt.

LaToya Lewis

Advocate Specialist 

Dianne is leading a path for woman like me to follow. She is an influential and inspiring gifted woman who stands for what she believes in and stands up for the causes for making our community better. Dianne is truly a God bearing woman and it shows in her gifts, works and abilities to transpire the lives of individuals all around you.

From allowing teens the opportunity to become equipped with the necessary tools to live a more positive and prosperous life, to going around the globe showing women how to live bold and fearless. Because of your workshop “BravHERy” for once I choose me. Thank you for never giving up on me when I gave up on myself and seeing the best in me. I highly suggest every woman who can give themselves the gift of “BravHERy” it's all about you.

Michelle Currie

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.
Author of “Boom Life: A Guide to Life Enhancement”

Dianne Langford James is a woman of great faith, high integrity, and immense compassion. She has touched my life personally and professionally as a teacher, mentor and friend. Her skill at identifying my strengths and weaknesses is amazing and then she went to work to help me improve myself through her BravHERy program.

I can honestly say that I am a better person, a stronger person, a more focused person because of my work with Dianne.

Lauren Banfield

Worcester State University

Dianne is an incredible, hard-working woman with a passion to support others. She has inspired me to take an active leadership role in my life and has provided me with amazing opportunities to advance my personal and career goals.

Dianne truly believes that everyone has a purpose in life, and no obstacle can prevent you from making your dreams a reality. I am proud to say that she is a mentor to me. She has helped me to lead a life full of love, and I became very involved with community/public service when she introduced me to the world of The Teen Torch Training.

Dianne saw the passion that arose in me from coaching these teens, and she encouraged me to further develop my personal self, as well as my goals and dreams, through BravHERy. I am blessed to announce that I am one of the first BravHERy graduates in Worcester and I have completed seven Torch Trainings since I met Dianne 2 years ago. I cannot thank her enough for all she does. She truly is a Super Woman.

Shamika Swindell

Admin-Supervisor Hematology/Oncology
Reliant Medical Group
Cancer and Wellness Center

Dianne you’re remarkable!! You’re not only a trusted friend but a mentor and a devout leader in our community. I was amazed by your level of enthusiasm, passion and constant commitment to transforming the lives of our youth and women. Attributable to you, I volunteer and coach our young people in the Torch Program. I was able to attend your BravHERy work shop.

My participation in BravHERy caused me to search within myself, to do the necessary work to become the best version of myself. I’m on a personal journey of transformation. I have been enriched by the experience, information, tools and knowledge you have afforded me. I’m eternally grateful for you as well as this opportunity.

Christine Giscombe

 Mentor, Coach & Speaker.
 Founder, Born to Excel Ltd.
Dianne Langford James is a phenomenal women driven by her heart to serve with compassion, patience and love. Through "BravHERy" she is selfless in her commitment to support women who are challenged in supporting themselves. She works tirelessly and uses her knowledge, wisdom and understanding to touch the hearts and minds of people and bring about positive change.

Whether it is limiting beliefs or negative mindset behavior, she identifies the cycles that no longer serve you and calls forward the leader in you! She is an outstanding diamond that shines in places that are hidden from the light. It is a honor to know her and a privilege to work with her.

Jasmine Morales

Fitness Nutritionist 
BravHERy has been one of the BEST experiences of my life. This all women's program was an amazing way to bring women together and help us be connected on a level I never even knew existed. BravHERy has been life changing with my relationships, my career, and my community where I stand and how I can support the changes I desire. Dianne is an amazing facilitator. She is committed to women transforming. She inspires, teaches and is relatable. I cherish that Dianne and my BraHERy sisters are only one call away for any support. Thank you Dianne for leading the way for us women.