An Entrepreneur, Devout Philanthropist & Womens Transformational Life Coach Committed To Empowering Women To Break Cycles and Build Legacy.

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After more than two decades of running the corporate America race, Dianne found herself not only standing in the same place but in the midst of a life altering opportunity – raising a second generation (3 of her grandchildren.) Having broke the cycle of addiction, education and financial bondage within her own family, she now coaches dynamic women how to discover and disrupt the cycles that are running their personal and professional lives.

“Every moment is an opportunity to make a new choice, do so wisely.”

Dianne Langford James
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Dianne’s effervescent personality, charm and grace shine brightly in any room. A friend, generous listener and safe space, she represents the strength that all women inspire to embody.

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Youth Empowerment
Youth Empowerment

“In the end, service changes not those who are served, but those who are doing the serving.” -Lynne Gentry​

With so few modern day heroes I believe it is our duty, honor and responsibility to reach out and remind young people of how powerful they truly are in this world. Learn more about the life changing transformational experiences being created for young people and discover how you too can join arms in teaching our youth to break through the vicious cycles that block them from their greatness.

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