We Believe:

  • Women are powerful beyond measure.
  • Women are brave, resilient and resourceful.
  • Women are built to break cycles and build legacies.
  • Women are a gift to the world.

What is BravHERy? 

BravHERy encourages, empowers and educates women.  This experiential weekend addresses obstacles and promotes sustainable growth.  Where women get to release, reset, recharge and reignite, personally and professionally.

Who is BravHERy for?  

Women attending this gathering actively choose to enhance their mental and physical well-being.  The program is tailored for those who believe in their innate greatness.  This movement has drawn women from diverse backgrounds, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and mothers. Attendance is open to individuals aged 18 and above.  

What does BravHERy offer women?

The training provides women with the opportunity to acquire tools and techniques that aid them in self-development.  Graduates have gained the ability to rediscover their authentic selves, improve their health and well-being, strengthen relationships, explore new possibilities, and recognize their potential for greatness.