My Sisters
Welcome toTransforming Women Globally
A Sisterhood

What is BravHERy?

BravHERy is a community that exist to transform women globally. It is a live, 2-day experiential and explosive weekend for women.  BravHERy is designed to support women in identifying what may be blocking them from producing sustainable results personally and professionally.

Who is BravHERy for? 

The women who attend this gathering hold a commitment to developing themselves in mind and body. This movement has attracted women from all walks of life including business leaders, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and mothers, participants must be 18+ to attend.

What does BravHERy offer women?

The benefits that women receive for being in attendance range from reconnecting with family, reviving their relationships, and reimagining their businesses and visions for their lives. Graduates have gone on to develop a relationship with self, transform their health and wellness, start and scale businesses, and learn how to cultivate and stay on the path of possibility.

Our four-core beliefs;

  • Women are powerful beyond measure.
  • Women are resilient and resourceful.
  • Women are a gift to the world.
  • Women are built to break cycles and build legacies.